NYC relief: Day 12 - A special thanks

While this blog has been mostly the observations of me, Tom Iovino, the Tampa Bay contingent was comprised of some of the best emergency management experts in the region. Before we go any further, here’s a run down of the team members:

Pete McNally

Pete McNally, Director of Polk County Emergency Management

Bill Abernathy on the subway!

Billy Abernathy, Polk County Emergency Management

Doug Blackwell

Doug Blackwell, Pinellas County Emergency Management

Jeremy Edwards

Jeremy Edwards, Pasco County GIS

Andrew Fossa

Andrew Fossa, Pasco County Fire Rescue

Greg Lindgren

Greg Lindgren, Pasco County Emergency Management

Patricia Lowther

Patricia Lowther, New Port Richey Public Works

George Merceron

George Merceron, Pasco County Health Department

Doug Meyer

Doug Meyer, Pinellas County Emergency Management

Tim Reardon

Tim Reardon, Pasco County Fire Rescue

Judy Tear

Judy Tear, Citrus County Health Department

Floyd Wilson

Floyd Wilson, Pasco County Public Works

Paul Womble

Paul Womble, Polk County Emergency Management

Today, we leave JFK en route to Tampa. For us, the deployment will be over, but for the Texas team and the folks in NYC who are still working the situation - and the millions of other New Yorkers who are recovering from this storm - the recovery continues.

As we get ready for this year’s Thanksgiving holiday, be sure to keep the folks who are still recovering from Hurricane Sandy in your thoughts.

We’ll see you back in Florida.