New York City relief: Day 11

The last work day here at Logistics for the Tampa Bay team, and there’s as much to do as ever. Three nursing homes have to be established in new locations, generators need to be maintained and refueled, and any one of thousands of other jobs that need to be herded along to completion.

But, just as we were thrown into the deep end at logistics ten days ago, the team from Texas has survived their first few days and are starting to hit their stride. Their crew is very interesting. Unlike Boston or the Tampa Bay area, their team is sourced from across the second-largest state - quite the monumental undertaking.

Texas Forestry team members moving into position

They have slid right in, and have taken to the work very quickly. This is a good thing because - as of tomorrow morning - the effort shifts to them.

During our time here in logistics, we have had the honor of working with some outstanding folks who have performed unbelievably well in the face of tremendous pressure. The New York City Office of Emergency staff has been nothing but outstanding and welcoming to us.

Eric, the IT guy

Our boss Henry. Gary, the fuel czar. Eric the IT whiz and vocal Jets fan. Rob, the Americorps volunteer who tracked light towers (and put up with a lot of joshing about getting a hair cut). Louie from Transportation (who will be holding the Charlie Brown balloon in this Thursday’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade). Johanna, Kristine, Nandy, Kumarie, EZ… I’m afraid to keep mentioning names of folks at the city for fear of forgetting someone. Please accept our thanks for your hospitality and leadership.

Louie from Transportation

As we rolled off our last shift, the New York City staff let us know how much they appreciated our time here. Sure, it took a day or two to get into the flow of things, but we worked shoulder to shoulder with them, giving them some time off, swapping some tall tales and getting advice on how to get around on the subways.

Our crew also passed the hat to collect for a special gift of Florida sunshine to arrive at the logistics center - just in time for Thanksgiving. Hopefully, they will appreciate the gift as they work their long shifts until the job is done. After all, the recovery continues, even though we are leaving.

Pack the gear up...

Time to pack out and get ready for travel tomorrow…